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Genetics - Clinical and Metabolic

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imageThe 'Specially for Children subspecialty of Clinical Genetics focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of genetic disorders, dysmorphic syndromes, chromosomal abnormalities and inborn errors of metabolism. Our staff includes highly-specialized professionals in medicine, genetic counseling, social work, and nutrition who offer diagnostic and management services for individuals and families with complex genetic diseases.

Our program offers pediatric and adult diagnostic evaluations for patients and families affected by birth defects, mental retardation, developmental impairment, metabolic and storage disorders, connective tissue disorders, neurological disorders and other genetic conditions.  We provide genetic risk assessment for prenatal exposures and fetal malformations.  We can assess risk for familial cancer conditions and assist in testing and follow-up counseling.  We provide prenatal counseling and evaluation for recurrent pregnancy loss.  Lastly, we can assist is the evaluation of stillborns with malformations and neonatal deaths.